mindlesspunk77 (mindlesspunk77) wrote in pa_nerds,

Too Many Games Video Game Convention October 18th Reading PA

Ok soooo Too Many Games is 3 weeks away. I know I know I cant wait either.

What is going on at this point. Well we are having VIDEO GAMES ROCK! Which is a video game inspired music concert with some great bands check the website for lineup.

We Have again the Guitar Hero National Championships and a Guitar Hero Tournament. So keep practicing.

We are having a DDR Tournament with our brand new Red Octane DDR Pads.

We are also having many other tournaments throughout the day

We are doing a Store Kiosk display with many classic console kiosks that you would of seen at Funcoland or Toys R Us.

We are again encouraging Cosplay. Its almost Halloween kids get those costumes on.

Hmmm what else can I tell you about.

We will be doing a Magic The Gathering Tournament so bring your decks kids. There will be a good prize you should like.

Well I am sure there is more keep checking back for more info here, our website www.toomanygames.com, our twitter http://twitter.com/toomanygames and our facebook.
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