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Innovative Interaction: TAKII’s Early Debut Of "Asian Multimedia Entertainment Network (AMEN)"

Innovative Interaction: TAKII’s Early Debut Of "Asian Multimedia Entertainment Network (AMEN)"
FULL PRESS RELEASE URL: http://forum.pdnmz.com/viewtopic.php?p=113p113

October 20th, 2008 -- Upper Darby, PA -- In anticipation of this weekend’s celebration of the 6th season of The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational, TAKII proudly announces the early opening of it’s brand new online broadcasting & social network, Asian Multimedia Entertainment Network (AMEN)!

"The 24/7 extension of The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational (TAKII), Asian Multimedia Entertainment Network (AMEN) debuts Oct. 25th, 2008 as Day 1 of TAKII 6 ~NintenDecision 2008~. TAKII: AMEN will give fans of Asian culture throughout the Universe the ability to take it to the extreme as a dual-branded network: online broadcasting (via AMEN X-Stream & TAKII Video Archive) & social networking (an original, unprecedented, ground-up enterprise). While joining AMEN is just like a TAKII festival, free, the moments & glory that you will earn will be simply priceless. Never ones to do things the easy way, Team TAKII Coordinators took their chances in introducing something that has never been done by any festival or convention of its kind to such a degree that AMEN exists. However, that gamble payed off, as TAKII: AMEN fans can now post their own blogs, customize their own profiles, use our very own AMEN Instant Messenger, create their own social groups, post music & video, & so much more. As TAKII: AMEN keeps its feet on the ground, they & their fans keep on reachin’ for the stars of success & celebration in what promises to be yet another milestone of Asian culture appreciation, 24/7!"

Aside from being able to enjoy everything that Asian Multimedia Entertainment Network has to offer on Day 1 of TAKII 6, it’s 2 "main events" for the day come in the form of AMEN X-Stream (a brand of original, Asian-themed, streaming audio content) & TAKII Video Archive (TAKII’s video answer to AMEN X-Stream). Fans of the fusion festival will be able to enjoy the best of Asian music, anime, & culture from the comfort of their own home!

As a wise lady once said, "You only get 1 chance to make a 1st impression." With the debut of Asian Multimedia Entertainment Network (AMEN) on Day 1, TAKII 6 ~NintenDecision 2008~ will be a season of this Asian-themed phenomenon that the world will not soon forget.

"Team TAKII" PR Coalition
TAKII HQ: http://takii.pdnmz.com
NINTENDECISION 2008 ELECTION EPICENTER: http://takii.pdnmz.com/events/vg/election.html
TAKII FEEDBACK FORUM: http://forum.pdnmz.com/viewforum.php?f=9
EMAIL: info@takii.pdnmz.com

TAKII 6 ~NintenDecision 2008~ is a FREE, 2-day, dual-venue Asian culture fusion festival in Philadelphia, PA on Oct. 25th-26th, 2008. Promoting "hardcore fun for all ages" & election awareness this season, we kick the weekend-long celebration off at TAKII HQ (the official website) on Day 1 & continue the party at The Rotunda (the physical venue in Philly) on Day 2. Featuring a TAKII-style focus on the US Presidential Election, an unprecedented tribute to the Nintendo empire, & the premier broadcast of TAKII’s Asian Multimedia Entertainment Network (AMEN), "taking it to the extreme" has never been so sinfully satisfying. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get this party started!!
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