Dru (dru_clix) wrote in pa_nerds,

yeah yeah

In less than ONE WEEK we'll be playing with MC LARS.

In honor of this. A most exciting development. MAY 7TH 2009 will be the first unveiling of MUSTACHE REQUIRED as a FULL ROCK BAND.

The band Fezzwig http://www.myspace.com/fezzwigband will be playing all the beats from our hits from the popular BOTTOM HALF SWIMMER in support of one of our coolest shows EVER. Trust me, you're not going to want to miss it.

Further exciting news, KOALA T will be able to play this show with an exception to his HOUSE ARREST rules. The news is mindblowing, and could seriously result in this being the best MUSTACHE REQUIRED show EVER.

Tickets are 12 dollars, but 8 dollars from us. Please buy them, and come see us perform. This show is gonna be off the hook.

-MC Mystery

NOTE: Freezepop will not be at this show. This is just a shout out, if fans of Freezepop in this area were at the show yesterday, where MUSTACHE REQUIRED opened for Freezepop, wanted the down low on this show. It's going to be most excellent.

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