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Bot shit

tslb2003: hi
Donna: Oh don't you worry, I emailed you.
tslb2003: I think Im about to lose a bet...
Donna: You lose the bet that I'd fall for this shit!
tslb2003: its about me finding 5 people who have an IQ higher than 110
Donna: Bot!
tslb2003: will you pleaseee take this iq test for me then?
Donna: Loser asshole with a fucking shit website.
tslb2003: thank you so much!!
Donna: Only dumbasses fall for this stupid shit....or new people who just learned how to turn the laptops on.
tslb2003: brb someone just rang my doorbell
Donna: Lets see how many things you can come up with.
tslb2003: not many, just 10 or so
Donna: OK just throw in some random crap now.
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